The Simple app manages more than 4 million patients—and health workers love it

The digital team at Resolve to Save Lives helped build the Simple app, which now treats more than 4 million patients in 4 countries. This new article describes the process of using the Simple app to help manage patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure and diabetes as part of the India Hypertension Control Initiative from […]

On-demand mobile training with health workers in Nigeria

Health care workers play a critical role in improving the diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure. A new pilot study published in BMC Health Services Research evaluates a self-paced, case-based, mobile-optimized online training to diagnose and manage hypertension among health workers in Nigeria. On-demand mobile digital hypertension training effectively increases knowledge of hypertension management. […]

A New and Improved LINKS Toolkit

The new toolkit makes it easier than ever to explore high-quality resources and tools for cardiovascular health programs.