Leading change in epidemic preparedness

To date, PMEP has trained over 350 health security leaders from 47 countries.

I like the methodology used during the training, it included different teaching styles, visual aids, experience-sharing, and group work. I loved the facilitators, as they were supportive, good listeners, timely communicators, and really encouraged equal participation.

Angelo Goup Thon Kouch Director of Health Security, Emergency Surge Capacity development and One Health, Ministry of Health, Republic of South Sudan

One thing I love is how involved participants are. The mode of training is both relaxing and intense. We're given many opportunities to interact with other countries and immediately put into action the skills we've learned.

Dr. Elizabeth Nzioka Epidemiologist, PHEOC, Ministry of Health, Kenya


Essential leadership and management training for country teams from the African and Eastern Mediterranean Regions facilitated by our team of global experts and partners.

Growing technical and leadership capabilities
Leaders can better prioritize and maximize investments with improved management and leadership skills.

Advancing work through experiential learning
Tools and approaches are tailored to countries’ context and existing preparedness initiatives.

Promoting dynamic peer learning and problem-solving
Participants share lessons and expertise in a peer-led, global community of preparedness leaders.

PMEP Alumni

PMEP has trained over 350 health security leaders from 47 countries in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.

Our training programs are meticulously designed to enhance leadership and management skills specific to global health security. They provide practical guidance on leveraging WHO’s technical packages and mastering the specific requirements and parameters of the World Bank’s funding arrangements. Through tailored sessions, participants gain actionable insights and tools to effectively navigate and utilize these crucial frameworks, ensuring they can lead and manage health security initiatives with competence and confidence. Alumni use PMEP skills and tools to accelerate national health security planning in their home countries.


Led by country representatives and facilitated by RTSL, PMEP Connect is a 12-month program that brings together country teams to strengthen their institutional culture and accelerate country-level preparedness.  It is a global network of leaders who receive technical assistance and financial support, and participate in peer exchange opportunities and a growing community of practice to help all countries improve systems for effective governance, financing and quality improvement for health security.

The 2024 inaugural program of PMEP Connect includes 51 leaders from Chad, Togo, Kenya, Pakistan, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zanzibar.

Dedicated preparedness teams, like those trained through our PMEP program, are an essential part of national health security.