It’s time to go digital

A strong digital information system can mean the difference between a health program that fails and one that saves millions of lives.
Designing an optimal digital tool for hypertension and other long-term treatment programs
Design the best digital tool to support your hypertension (or other NCD) management program—with step-by-step guidance from the world’s leading experts.


Dramatically reduce admin time

Retain more patients in care with automated follow-ups

Efficiently manage very large groups of patients 

Maintain longitudinal patient records across facilities

Improve monitoring and program quality

Improve patient outcomes

Why most systems don’t work

What the best systems do

Designed for stakeholders, not usersDesigned for health care workers
Ask for too much informationMinimal data entry
Too cumbersomeFast and easy to use
Too complexSimple dashboards focused only on key indicators

The bottom line? Keep it simple

  1. Design for the user, not the stakeholder
  2. Observe real-world clinical care
  3. Talk to users
  4. User-test your software
A male Heath Care Worker adds a patients blood pressure information to the Simple app

Digital tools done right: the story of the Simple App

What’s in the Playbook?

  • Step-by-step guidance on how to design a user-centered digital tool that maximizes the effectiveness of an NCD management program
  • Strategies based on Resolve to Save Lives’ years of experience creating user-centered tools—such as the Simple app—that are fast, easy-to-use and efficient
  • Insights for program managers and medical staff to provide better care and save more lives

From the creators of the Simple app

Simple has helped health care workers manage 4 million patients and improve their blood pressure and blood sugar control dramatically.

In Bangladesh, for example,  the number of patients treated for hypertension increased 20-fold AND among those treated, blood pressure control tripled.

Registering a new patient takes just 83 seconds, and  recording a follow up visit takes less than 20 seconds.