Full launch: Designing digital tools with health care workers at the center – webinar & video

For the full launch of their new digital tools playbook, the Digital team at Resolve to Save Lives released a new video featuring Dr. Tom Frieden and cohosted a webinar with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on designing digital health tools with the end user at the center. This health care worker-first approach gets results:

  • It takes health care workers just 13 seconds to enter follow-up data. 
  • Reports that used to take 2-3 hours to develop now take 2-3 clicks. 
  • Health care workers save on average 24 min a day. 
  • In one facility, the number of patients treated increased 20-fold AND among those treated, blood pressure control tripled. 

Find out how to build a digital health tool that health care workers actually like and that improves program scalability and patient outcomes at the same time—watch the webinar, watch the video.