Prevent 100 million deaths
from cardiovascular disease

Make the world safer
from epidemics

Epidemics That Didn't Happen

Image credit: Courtesy of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Who we are

We are mission-driven and have deep technical expertise.

We support staff who live in the countries or regions in which we work. We strive to create a fit-for-purpose workplace that is respectful, diverse, inclusive and supportive. Our governance reflects deep knowledge of the areas where we work and the diversity of the people we serve.

What we do

We work with governments and partners across the globe to co-create, advocate for, and scale up activities in two core areas:


A percent with blood pressure controlled chart depicting a blue intervention column that is higher than the orange usual care column

WHO’s HEARTS package significantly improves high blood pressure control

A new trial published in BMJ’s Heart Journal shows that the WHO-HEARTS technical package, championed and developed in support with Resolve to Save Lives, significantly improves high blood pressure treatment…

Graphic of Ethopian health care worker

Ethiopia’s first national infection prevention and control budget

Our team recently supported the passage of Ethiopia’s first national infection prevention and control budget in partnership with the nation’s Ministries of Health and Finance. This strategic investment by national…

Pile of ultra-processed foods like burgers and pizza containing trans fat.

New oped on global progress eliminating trans fat

The world has made encouraging progress to eliminate trans fat, but more than 4 billion people remain at risk. In a new oped published in BMJ and Al Jazeera, Dr.…