Our goals are to save 100 million lives from cardiovascular disease and to prevent epidemics.

Statement on Vitamin D

Adaptive Response Press Briefing

Dr. Tom Frieden and members of the Resolve to Save Lives team briefed reporters on what needs to be done now to safely reopen after COVID-19.

Urging Global Health Security Investment

We called on leaders in the US Congress to make the country—and the world—safer by increasing global health security funding for the US CDC.

Global Health Minute: Coronavirus

President and CEO Dr. Tom Frieden discusses coronavirus– what we still don't know, and what we can do to improve global epidemic preparedness– as part of our new Global Health Minute video series.

COVID-19 and Chronic Diseases

We developed guidance for patients and providers on COVID-19 and chronic diseases, now available in English, Chinese, Arabic, and Thai.

The World is Not Ready for a COVID-19 Pandemic

We hosted a virtual media roundtable with President and CEO Dr. Tom Frieden, who called for adequate funding for global public health emphasized the need to protect heath care workers around the world.

What You Can Do Right Now to Avoid Heart Disease

For American Heart Month, Resolve to Save Lives President and CEO Dr. Tom Frieden shared steps that individuals, health care providers, and governments can take to improve heart disease prevention and treatment.

Supporting responsible coverage of coronavirus in the media

Senior Vice President Amanda McClelland joined public health specialists at the National Press Club to provide guidelines for journalists on responsible, proactive coverage of coronavirus.

Simple wins “Best in Show” at the IxDA Awards

The Simple app was recognized with the top prize by the design leaders at the Interaction 20 conference in Milan


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