Our Mission

To save as many lives as possible

Who we are

We are mission-driven and have deep technical expertise.

We support staff who live in the countries or regions in which we work. We strive to create a fit-for-purpose workplace that is respectful, diverse, inclusive and supportive. Our governance reflects deep knowledge of the areas where we work and the diversity of the people we serve.

What we do

We work with governments and partners across the globe to co-create, advocate for, and scale up activities in two core areas:

Cardiovascular Health

High blood pressure is the world's leading cause of death. Despite availability of safe, effective and low cost treatment, only one out of seven adults with hypertension have their blood pressure controlled. We work with partners to reduce heart attack and stroke by:

  • Increasing the number of people whose blood pressure is controlled from 14% to 50%;
  • Reducing global dietary intake of salt by 30%;
  • Making food safer by eliminating artificial trans fat.
A woman is getting her blood pressure tested in a monitor that her arim goes through

Epidemic Prevention

The world is vulnerable to the next health threat because most people live in countries that are not well prepared to find, stop and prevent dangerous infectious diseases such as COVID-19. We partner with countries to step up preparedness by:

  • Scaling public health technical expertise locally;
  • Developing operational excellence to strengthen public health systems;
  • Advancing policy action to promote national and global epidemic preparedness.
A healthcare worker is demonstrating how to put on PPE

Our History

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