An “80-80-80” target for global blood pressure control

A new study, published in Nature Medicine, explored the potential of an “80-80-80” target for
hypertension control—that is, if 80% of people were tested for hypertension,
80% of those with hypertension received treatment and 80% of those on treatment
achieved blood pressure control. It found that meeting the 80-80-80 target
globally could save between 76 and 130 million lives by 2050.  Achieving the
80-80-80 target would have the greatest benefit in lower-middle and low-income
countries, where blood pressure treatment coverage is low and the most deaths
from heart disease occur. Although the target is ambitious, the study’s
authors– who included members of Resolve to Save Lives Cardiovascular Health
team– conclude that most countries could achieve it by 2040.