Building an outbreak surveillance system in Zambia

We teamed up with Zambia National Public Health Institute (ZNPHI) to build an early model for a new outbreak surveillance system that will provide visibility on outbreaks across the country and ultimately allow ZNPHI to better respond to infectious disease threats. The early model was created during a one-week design sprint using a methodology we’ve […]

Strengthening laboratory systems to meet the 7-1-7 target

Strengthening laboratory systems to meet the 7-1-7 target

The 7-1-7 Alliance hosted a symposium at the annual conference of the African Society of Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) in Cape Town, South Africa. Panelists from the Nigeria Center for Disease Control and Prevention, ASLM, FIND and Makerere University Walter Reed Project discussed the crucial role of diagnostics in achieving the 7-1-7 target for outbreak detection […]

WHO and the 7-1-7 Alliance introduce Early Action Reviews

WHO and the 7-1-7 Alliance introduce Early Action Reviews

The 7-1-7 Alliance hosted the first quarterly webinar open to its global learning network. More than 500 people from 73 countries signed up to hear representatives of the World Health Organization and the Alliance introduce new guidance on Early Action Reviews and how it leverages the 7-1-7 target to improve the performance of outbreak detection, […]

Developing technical capacity to scale up 7-1-7 

Resolve to Save Lives' 7-1-7 Approach

The 7-1-7 Alliance hosted a training series for Atlanta-based staff of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A first virtual training session introduced the 7-1-7 target, its central role in the WHO Early Action Review guidance, and how 7-1-7 fits into key components of the global health security framework. In a two-day, in-person […]

Introducing Resolve to Save Lives Ethiopia

Resolve to Save Lives is now registered in Ethiopia, allowing for more efficient program support. Located in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopia office looks forward to continued progress in hypertension management, trans fat elimination, epidemic prevention and emergency response.

Technical and leadership skills for experts in epidemic preparedness

Our team visited Nairobi, Kenya, to facilitate our Program Management for Epidemic Preparedness (PMEP) training for 71 health security leaders from 12 English- and French-speaking countries in Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. A selection of participants will advance into our new 12-month program offering funding and coaching to develop their national action plans for health […]

7-1-7 forms the bedrock of new WHO guidance

WHO EAR guidance leverages the 7-1-7 target

The World Health Organization’s new Guidance and tools for Conducting an Early Action Review (EAR) incorporate the 7-1-7 target for outbreak detection and control, which Resolve to Save Lives has piloted since 2021. EARs offer a performance improvement approach, which can be used for each outbreak to identify system-level bottlenecks and propose immediate and long-term […]