WHO’s HEARTS package significantly improves high blood pressure control

A percent with blood pressure controlled chart depicting a blue intervention column that is higher than the orange usual care column

A new trial published in BMJ’s Heart Journal shows that the WHO-HEARTS technical package, championed and developed in support with Resolve to Save Lives, significantly improves high blood pressure treatment and control compared with current practice. This trial conducted in rural Bangladesh is the first to rigorously assess the complete HEARTS package for hypertension and provides evidence to […]

2024 World Hypertension League Organizational Excellence Award

The RTSL team, along with our partners at MoHFW INDIA, ICMRDELHI and WHO, received the 2024 WHL Organizational Excellence Award in Population Global Hypertension Control for the successful implementation of HEARTS in India. Congratulations to all involved in this collaborative effort that is actively improving heart health and saving lives.

Introducing Resolve to Save Lives India

Resolve to Save Lives is now registered in India allowing for more efficient program support. Located in New Delhi, the India office looks forward to continued progress in hypertension management, trans fat elimination and sodium reduction.

The Simple app manages more than 4 million patients—and health workers love it

The digital team at Resolve to Save Lives helped build the Simple app, which now treats more than 4 million patients in 4 countries. This new article describes the process of using the Simple app to help manage patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure and diabetes as part of the India Hypertension Control Initiative from […]

NIH webinar highlights five years of promoting heart health at RTSL

The Cardiovascular Health initiative at Resolve to Save Lives participated in a presentation for the U.S. National Institute of Health’s HERO series. The webinar discussed the progress made over the last five years to improve heart health in low- and middle-income countries and served as an opportunity to showcase RTSL’s global health equity research.

On-demand mobile training with health workers in Nigeria

Health care workers play a critical role in improving the diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure. A new pilot study published in BMC Health Services Research evaluates a self-paced, case-based, mobile-optimized online training to diagnose and manage hypertension among health workers in Nigeria. On-demand mobile digital hypertension training effectively increases knowledge of hypertension management. […]

Sri Lanka program wins 2023 Quality Improvement Achievement award

The hypertension program in Sri Lanka received the 2023 Quality Improvement Achievement award issued by Resolve to Save Lives for their work improving medication titration rates which helped result in an increase in the number of patients with their blood pressure controlled. “Treatment inertia” is the failure of health care providers to initiate or intensify […]

Point of care testing in Peru shows promise for non-communicable diseases

Point of care testing devices are easy to use, can provide quick and accurate results within minutes, and can be used in many different settings, including rural or remote. A new study explored ways to increase point-of-care testing use for non-communicable diseases, given its many advantages, utilizing co-creation workshops attended by community members, primary healthcare […]

Treatment protocols control high blood pressure at scale in India

A new research paper investigated the effectiveness of various medication protocols in Punjab and Maharashtra, India to increase control rates among patients with hypertension. The researchers found that simple drug- and dose-specific protocols help improve hypertension treatment in the primary care setting, especially when starting with a single low-cost drug such as amlodipine 5mg and escalating with the same or another […]

JHPIEGO webinar on controlling high blood pressure through HEARTS

A recent webinar by JHPIEGO and Resolve to Save Lives discusses the importance of partnerships to scale up hypertension treatment. The webinar was attended by more than 100 JHPIEGO staff and presented an opportunity to explore how WHO’s HEARTS initiative can be integrated into primary health care strengthening grants.

Hypertension can be the next global health win

Patient gets blood pressure measured to check for hypertension. Managing hypertension can save lives

Hypertension is the leading cause of death worldwide, killing more than 10 million people each year, but it remains neglected. In an essay in the Washington Post, Dr. Tom Frieden calls attention to the need for increased focus and funding to prevent and treat the deadly condition.

Celebrating the progress and partnerships that defined 2023

RTSL 2023 Year in Review

RTSL’s 2023: Year in Review is our first-ever digital annual report, looking back at a remarkable year of saving lives and making the world safer from epidemics in 2023. The HEARTS program for hypertension control now treats more than 19 million patients for the world’s deadliest condition. The trans fat elimination policies passed in 2023 […]

Beating the world’s leading killer with Simple solutions

A montage of two health care workers recording blood pressure results on the Simple app, with the red blood drop logo for Simple in the background

In just a few short years, the Bangladesh Hypertension Control Initiative has achieved impressive blood pressure control rates, and our Simple app has played an important role in this progress.  Learn more about how data from Simple has helped our partners– the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s Non-Communicable Disease Control Program and the National […]

Introducing Resolve to Save Lives Ethiopia

Resolve to Save Lives is now registered in Ethiopia, allowing for more efficient program support. Located in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopia office looks forward to continued progress in hypertension management, trans fat elimination, epidemic prevention and emergency response.

Việt Nam’s fight against a silent killer

Vietnam hypertension

WHO’s new Global Hypertension report highlights the progress Việt Nam has made against hypertension, but there is more to do, write Angela Pratt, WHO Representative, Vietnam, and our Senior Vice President for Cardiovascular Health Renu Garg.

Five years of HEARTS

Resolve to save lives hypertension programs HEARTS at five

Alongside the WHO Global Hypertension report, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC) published a new report on the first five years of the Global HEARTS Initiative, a partnership between the WHO, Resolve to Save Lives, and the governments of 32 low- or middle-income countries. HEARTS programs work for hypertension patients, and we […]

Tracking medications, the Simple way

Simple drug stock reports

The new update to the Simple app provides for better tracking of medications by allowing facilities to input the volume of each medication they have on-hand and their expiration dates on a monthly basis. This helps to reduce stock-outs and to increase the number of patients who have access to the medications they need, when […]

Putting hypertension courses in the palm of health workers’ hands in Nigeria

self-paced digital hypertension management course for doctors, nurses and community health workers in Nigeria

We partnered with Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Health and National Primary Health Care Development Agency to pilot a self-paced digital hypertension management course that doctors, nurses and community health workers completed on their own smart phones. The course– which was found to be effective and rated highly by participants– is a potential lower-cost alternative to […]

Indonesia hosts national webinar on hypertension

President of the World Hypertension League, Dr Paul Whelton, speaking at a national webinar on hypertension management in Indonesia

More than 1,000 participants attended a webinar on hypertension management hosted by our grantee The Association of Indonesia Local Health Offices (ADINKES). President of the World Hypertension League, Dr Paul Whelton, highlighted the large gap in hypertension treatment and control in Indonesia and advocated for a simple approach to scaling up treatment.

Lessons from HIV-hypertension integration  

CQUIN panel lessons from HIV-hypertension integration

Director for Global Hypertension Control Dr. Bolanle Banigbe shared lessons from RTSL’s support for HIV-hypertension integration, and the scale up of hypertension services in more than 30 countries, with the HIV Coverage, Quality, and Impact Network (CQUIN) at a virtual event.

“Keep it Simple” is EDITORS’ CHOICE APRIL 2023 at BMJ HCI

user-centered information systems design for health care

Read our Simple team‘s paper on designing a user-centered digital information system to support chronic disease management in low- and middle-income countries, which was selected as Editor’s Choice for April 2023 by BMJ Health & Care Informatics.