Resolve to Save Lives Receives New Funding from #StartSmall Initiative

Statement from Dr. Tom Frieden, President and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives on recent funding commitment from Jack Dorsey’s #StartSmall Initiative:

“New support from Jack Dorsey through his philanthropic initiative #StartSmall will enable Resolve to Save Lives to expand our critical work across Africa. By partnering with governments, communities and organizations, RTSL has helped countries respond to COVID-19 and strengthen systems to find, stop and prevent new disease threats. We’re excited to expand this work with the renewed funding from #StartSmall.

“Stronger local and national epidemic preparedness are the only possible basis for global health security. Resolve to Save Lives is working in partnership with the governments of African countries to strengthen preparedness for the next health threat. The faster communities respond to outbreaks, the safer we are. Our goal is to help all countries work toward 7-1-7: Every new health threat detected within 7 days, reported with investigation begun within 1 day and response fully in place within 7 days.

“The recent outbreaks of monkeypox, polio and Marburg—coming as Covid continues to spread and kill—underscore the stakes. We’re all connected and the next pandemic threat could emerge from anywhere. The world must work together to improve public health preparedness—before it’s too late. We’re grateful #StartSmall and Jack Dorsey shares our vision.”

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