Our team joined the #WearAMask challenge for World Mask Week.

Modernizing Laws to Enable Public Health Action in Gambia

Our partners strengthened the legal framework in the Gambia to allow the country to respond more effectively to COVID-19 and future public health emergencies.

Beyond COVID-19: Nigeria’s Efforts to Balance the Pandemic Response

In Nigeria, our partners are working to protect health care workers and keep essential health services running during the pandemic.

Fighting COVID-19 on the Airwaves and in the Markets: Coordinated Campaigns for Protective Behaviors

Our partners in Chad, Togo, Benin, Niger and Burkina Faso produced radio spots and videos that encourage mask wearing, hand-washing and physical distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

New Grantees in Four Countries Will Save Lives by Improving Diets

Our newest grantees in Nepal, the Philippines, Togo and Uganda will support policies to make healthy choices easier by keeping junk food out of schools and other publicly-owned facilities.

Training the Trainers to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission in Liberia

Our partner Last Mile Health trained and empowered frontline health workers to safely identify and treat COVID-19 patients, and help control the spread of the virus.

​Most of United States Not Reporting Essential COVID-19 Data

We identified 15 essential indicators for monitoring COVID-19, and found important gaps in availability of data in the United States.

Getting Eyes on Coronavirus in Mauritania

In Mauritania, medical students trained in public health practices by our partners are a key part of the country's epidemiologic surveillance system.

During a Pandemic, Addressing Another Leading Killer

COVID-19 has disrupted all aspects of society, including the health care services that hypertension patients depend on to manage their condition. Learn more about how Resolve to Save Lives and partners are adapting to keep up care for hypertension and other chronic diseases.

Health and Education Experts Weigh in on How Schools Can Maximize Health and Safety as They Look to Reopen

Bipartisan former U.S. Secretaries of Education Margaret Spellings and Arne Duncan and Philadelphia Schools Superintendent William R. Hite, Jr. joined us at a live press event to urge Americans to work together and support our children so schools can open more safely in the Fall. Our FAQs for teachers and parents available here.

Addressing Complex Challenges Through Training and Preparation in DRC

In partnership with the Alliance for International Medical Action and the Ministry of Health in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we've supported COVID-19 trainings for health care workers in over 30 facilities across the country.

Serving COVID-19 Information with a Side of Entertainment

In Haiti, our partners Village Santé and Fokal used a popular radio soap opera.to debunk COVID-19 myths and share tips for preventing spread of the virus.

Protecting Health Care Workers

In a new paper in Health Security, we identify practical steps countries can take to protect health workers, curb COVID-19 and prepare for future epidemics.

Preparation is the Key: Ghana Takes on COVID-19

Our Prevent Epidemics site highlights how Ghana has emerged as a leader on the African continent, quickly marshalling its resources to ramp up testing, support healthcare workers, and provide support and economic relief to communities most in-need.

New Contact Tracing Playbook Supports US Efforts to Contain COVID-19

As the COVID-19 response in the US moves to a new stage of containment, our Contact Tracing Playbook will help cities, states, and counties establish trusted and effective contact tracing programs that will reduce the spread of the virus and save lives.

Metrics That Matter

Our expert epidemiologists debunked myths about commonly reported COVID-19 data.

New COVID-19 Risk Communication Hub

Clearly communicating risk is fundamental to an effective pandemic response. With Vital Strategies, we launched a new digital platform that provides more than 200 examples of clear messaging that provides more than 200 examples of clear messaging that governments and NGOs can adapt to fight the spread of COVID-19.

​Revealing the Toll of COVID-19

With the World Health Organization and other partners, we released a new technical package to help guide governments to conduct rapid mortality surveillance and make informed decisions based on the true impact of COVID-19 in their countries.

COVID alert system unveiled

We released detailed guidance on how countries can communicate their COVID risk level to the public.

4 Key Steps for COVID-19 Contact Tracing

We released an interactive COVID-19 Contact Tracing Playbook that provides clear and actionable technical guidance and tools to for US health departments to rapidly set up and implement contact tracing to support COVID-19 containment.