New resources on blood pressure treatment availability in India

Our team in India analysed the antihypertensive drug market in the country over 2016-18 and developed national and state-level fact sheets that provide key insights on unmet need for blood pressure treatment. to support strengthening of the hypertension control program in the country.

Increasing COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake: A Four-Part Framework to Promote Access, Acceptance, and Equity

In partnership with Surgo Ventures, we outlined four steps to help U.S. public health officials and local leaders them equitably increase COVID-19 vaccination coverage in their communities.

The Future of Global Health Security: Lessons Learned from Preparedness and Response

Leaders from Norway, Uganda, PAHO and representatives from USAID and the International Federation of Red Cross joined us in a virtual event to discuss the need for increased investments in pandemic preparedness and better governance. You can watch the full event here.

Taking on hypertension in Nigeria

Resolve's Nigeria Country Representative Dr. Emmanuel Agogo published an OpEd in PUNCH highlighting the urgency of addressing high blood pressure in Nigeria. Task-sharing, a strategy that shifts tasks from doctors to nurses, can help alleviate a high burden of blood pressure management on physicians and get more patients the care they need

Supporting health care workers to promote service continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana

In Ghana, health care workers and patients were exposed to and contracting COVID-19 due to lack of protective equipment. Our team facilitated trainings for health care workers on how to deliver services during COVID-19 and distributed PPE including gowns, gloves, masks and hand sanitizer to 186 facilities.

In it for the Long Haul: More Questions than Answers on the Lasting Health Effects of COVID-19

Some COVID-19 survivors have experienced new, returning or ongoing health problems that persist long after the acute illness. Symptoms range from fatigue, to brain fog, to shortness of breath. It is critical we increase vaccination to reduce those who get infected with the virus, and prevent lasting health problems due to COVID-19.

Strengthening Primary Healthcare for Increasing Population Health Resilience

At the second Global Health Conference of Bo’ao Forum for Asia in China, Dr. Tom Frieden presented a keynote discussing how primary health care is the most needed, and the most neglected aspect of global health systems. Panelists from WHO China and Thailand spoke of population health resilience and cases of strengthening primary health care systems.

Highlighting the importance of health care workers

The May 2021 edition of the International Journal of Health Planning and Management included an article written by the Prevent Epidemics team on our report, Protecting Health Care Workers: A Need for Urgent Action, and featured artwork from the report as the cover image.

To prevent a catastrophic third wave of COVID-19 in Africa, look at data to drive the response

Senior Vice President of our Prevent Epidemics team, Amanda McClelland, coauthored an OpEd for CNBC Africa with Dr. Richard Mihigo of the World Health Organization about key findings and recommendations from the Partnership for Evidence-Based Response to COVID-19 .

Taming the World’s Leading Killer: High Blood Pressure

Our President and CEO Dr. Tom Frieden released an OpEd on CNN about the urgent need to address high blood pressure and what we can do to stop this killer: lower daily salt consumption and promote proper treatment and medications.

Protecting, safeguarding and investing in the health and care workforce

The World Health Assembly passed a resolution, Protecting, safeguarding and investing in the health and care workforce , calling for countries to improve data collection in tracking health and care workers’ morbidity and mortality. Ethiopia led advocacy efforts, which we supported in our January report, Protecting Health Care Workers: A Need for Urgent Action .

COVID-19 in Africa: Are reported cases and deaths only the eyes of the hippo?

Though 17% of the world’s population resides in Africa, it has reported less than 3% of global COVID-19 cases and less than 4% of deaths. Our latest In-Depth Science Review explores underreported cases and deaths in Africa.

Statement by Dr. Tom Frieden on the Biden Administration’s Announcement to Donate COVID-19 Vaccines

The Biden Administration announced it will share 80 million vaccine doses for the global vaccination effort. Dr. Tom Frieden said that not only is this another step towards ending the Covid pandemic, but it’s crucial these vaccines are used strategically and, “directed toward people at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19, particularly health workers and people 60 and over.”

New lives saved calculator models the impact of cardiovascular health interventions

On World Hypertension Day, we launched a new tool with the University of Washington to help policymakers, advocates and health experts visualize how millions more lives can be saved when countries adopt evidence-based hypertension prevention and treatment policies. The new tool models the number of lives that could be saved by the year 2040 when hypertension control and lower salt consumption goals are reached.

New report on COVID-19 in Africa shows impact of COVID-19 on African continent has been underestimated

A new PERC report highlights urgent strategic action in Africa is needed as new COVID-19 variants appear and supply and rollout of vaccines remain critically low. The report calls for targeted public health and social measures, increased surveillance and scaled-up vaccine supply from the global community.

New Global Sodium Benchmarks for Different Food Categories

We supported the launch of WHO's new Global Sodium Benchmarks for Different Food Categories . The benchmarks are a guide for countries and industry to reduce the sodium content in 18 categories of processed foods, which are a primary or rapidly increasing source of sodium in many countries. This is an important step toward meeting WHO's goal of 30% reduction in global salt/sodium intake by 2025.

Epidemics That Didn’t Happen

Our report features eight inspiring stories of Epidemics That Didn’t Happen, or whose impact was lessened, because of planning and action. As the world continues efforts to better prepare for the next disease threat, these stories serve as a reminder that we can do better.

Senegal makes the case for investing in epidemic preparedness and response

Learn how health leaders in Senegal developed a feasibility study that made the case for investing US $10.5 million in health emergency and crisis management over five years.

Former CDC chief: Think diners, dentists and dollar stores. Make COVID vaccines easy to get.

Dr. Tom Frieden releases an OpEd in USA Today on the necessity of making COVID vaccines more readily available. Frieden discusses the importance of strategic vaccination, reaching those where transmission is highest, to truly stop the spread of COVID and prevent many more deaths.


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