New U.S. Global Health Security Strategy Includes 7-1-7

Cover of U.S. Government Global Health Security Strategy 2024

On April 16, 2024, the United States Government announced a new five-year Global Health Security Strategy to better prevent, detect, respond to and recover from infectious disease threats. The 7-1-7 Target is included to help U.S. partners assess and improve the real-world performance of their detection, notification and early response systems.  

Amanda McClelland

Amanda McClelland is the Senior Vice President of Prevent Epidemics at Resolve to Save Lives, where she leads a team working to accelerate progress to make the world safer from epidemics. Amanda is a notable expert in international public health management, especially in emergency health, epidemic control, mass casualty in low resource settings, disease prevention […]

Jobin Abraham

  He feels energized about accompanying national-level leaders to discover, adapt and scale innovative practices that accelerate epidemic preparedness. Jobin has worked at the intersection of public health, organizational development, and learning since 2009 through leadership roles in the government, private and academic sectors. He was previously a Coro Leadership New York Fellow and was […]

Constanza Aguilera

Constanza Aguilera joins Resolve to Save Lives as Principal Advisor, Country Preparedness and Collaboration. In this role she will provide strategic oversight, partnership management, knowledge management and learning, and targeted technical assistance to ensure that RTSL’s programming is strategic, effective and aligned to organization values. Constanza has over 13 years experience in global health, food security, and […]

Tewodros Belayneh

Tewodros Woldetsadik joins Resolve to Save Lives as Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor supporting the Epidemic Ready Primary Healthcare Program in Ethiopia. Tewodros has twenty years of experience in monitoring, evaluation, and research. He has developed various data collection and analysis tools, ensured high data quality, and fostered data analysis, visualization, and use of information for better decisions and […]