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Front-of-Package Labeling


Factsheet developed by Resolve to Save Lives on how and why front of package warning labels can be used to encourage healthy diets.


A six-step guide developed by Resolve to Save Lives that governments can follow to help reduce sodium consumption at the national level.

Global Health Advocacy Incubator

This report by GHAI’s Food Policy program reveals how the ultra-processed food industry has aggressively fought against front-of-package labels globally.

Key Resource

Resolve to Save Lives

This framework summarizes the recommended components of a comprehensive dietary sodium reduction program, and provides links to existing implementation tools, examples of successful programs and other resources.

World Health Organization

WHO’s monitoring tool that tracks countries’ progress in implementing policies and programs on population sodium reduction

Key Resource

Vital Strategies

Step-by-step guide to developing front-of-package labels

Pan America Health Organization

A report on methods, tools, procedures and key recommendations on how to conduct research into front-of-package labeling

Nicole Ide et al

An article identifying high priority strategies that address reduction of sodium intake through home-cooked food, packaged food, food consumed outside the home

Key Resource

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

A nine-module online course to help policy makers and health advocates design, plan, and implement global sodium reduction interventions at low- and middle-income countries

Pan American Health Organization

A report on key considerations and recommendations to the use of front-of-package labeling as an effective policy tool to reduce demand and support for ultra-processed food products with high sodium, fat, and sugar content