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Clinic Resources

Resolve to Save Lives

Short video with a step-by-step guide for health care workers on how to accurately measure blood pressure

India Hypertension Control Initiative

Hypertension management training resource for health care workers

Resolve to Save Lives

Excel spreadsheet to assist health facilities register new hypertension patients and calculate facility hypertension control rates (download)

Resolve to Save Lives

Example of completed spreadsheet for registering new hypertension patients and calculating facility hypertension control rates (download)

World Health Organization

Updated guidance on blood pressure measuring devices (2020)

Pan American Health Organization

Manual for hypertension program implementers at national and subnational levels

Resolve to Save Lives

Checklist that can be used to survey resources in the clinic setting for a hypertension program

Resolve to Save Lives

Fact sheet from Resolve to Save Lives on why validated, digital blood pressure monitors are preferred.

Resolve to Save Lives

Hypertension program monitoring visit checklist