Healthy School Canteen

Includes resources to support transitioning to healthier school canteens for school leaders, canteen managers, parents, and communities.

ACT Healthy Food and Drink Choices

Standards for food and drinks available to staff, volunteers, and visitors for ACT Health premises; links to Healthy Food and Drink Choices and Vending Machine Management Policies.

Healthy Choices website

Guidelines to help workplaces, hospitals and health services, parks, and sporting centers provide healthy foods and drinks.

Malaysia Guide for Healthy School Canteen Management

Standards for foods and beverages served and sold in Malaysian schools. News article on implementation of nutrition standards: Rajaendram R. Ensuring children chomp on healthy treats. The Star Malaysia. 2018 Jan 21. Education.

India’s School Children Regulation

India’s regulation including restrictions on the advertising, marketing, or selling of food products high in saturated fat or trans-fat or added sugar or sodium on school campuses or to school children in an area within fifty meters from the school gate in any direction.