Guide to Developing Nutrition Standards

Nutrition standards guide developed by Resolve to Save Lives that governments can use to procure healthy foods and beverages purchased, served and/or sold in government settings such as schools, public hospitals, childcare or child development facilities, correctional facilities and government workplaces.

Front of package labels

Factsheet developed by Resolve to Save Lives on how and why front of package labels can be used to encourage healthy diets.

Healthy School Canteen

Includes resources to support transitioning to healthier school canteens for school leaders, canteen managers, parents, and communities.

ACT Healthy Food and Drink Choices

Standards for food and drinks available to staff, volunteers, and visitors for ACT Health premises; links to Healthy Food and Drink Choices and Vending Machine Management Policies.

Kaiser Permanente Healthy Picks website

Describes healthy food guidelines and implementation resources for hospital food venues, including patient menus, cafeterias, coffee carts, kiosks, vending and gift shops.