RTSL 2023 Year in Review

Celebrating the progress and partnerships that defined 2023

RTSL’s 2023: Year in Review is our first-ever digital annual report, looking back at a remarkable year of saving lives and making the world safer from epidemics in 2023.

  • The HEARTS program for hypertension control now treats more than 19 million patients for the world’s deadliest condition.
  • The trans fat elimination policies passed in 2023 alone protect a combined 702 million people from a toxic additive in their food, bringing the global total to almost half the world’s population.
  • The 7-1-7 Alliance set up a community of practice with 15+ countries following its launch in February 2023, working together to find and stop outbreaks before they become epidemics.
  • PMEP equipped more than 70 participants from 12 countries with the knowledge and networks to accelerate preparedness efforts and protect more than 500 million people from future epidemics.

Thank you to our partners, our staff and our visionary board of directors for making this progress possible.

Two hundred years ago, no one imagined that typhoid, plague, tetanus, and other infections would be gone in much of the world and receding in the rest. I’m confident that heart disease and stroke will—in the not too distant future—be as rare as those once common killers are today.

Read RTSL’s 2023: Year in Review featuring a video message from our President and CEO, Dr. Tom. Frieden.

We look forward to a healthier, safer 2024 for all.