Country targets

  • Sodium: No targets
  • Sugar: No targets
  • Saturated fat: No targets


Packaged food sampling

Number of products sampled: 6,000

Data collected:\_2019

Nutrient types: sodium


A nutrition composition database was developed for packaged food products sold in five major Kenyan supermarkets. The research team collected data using the FoodSwitch app; a total of 6,000 products were categorized in accordance with the Global Food Monitoring Group system. Nutrition information for each product was obtained by scanning the label to upload it into the FoodSwitch database. Mean sodium data for 28 product categories was purchased from FoodSwitch by Resolve to Save Lives.

Data source

Data was collected by the George Institute for Global Health through the FoodSwitch program and is not publicly available.


Fraser Taylor

FoodSwitch Managing Director, The George Institute for Global Health

[email protected]

Institution leading data collection

The George Institute for Global Health, PO Box M20, Missenden Road, NSW 2050, Australia