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A cross-sectional survey was conducted to collect data on commercially packaged foods and in grocery retail stores in Hong Kong. Data collection took place in early 2018. The data were collected using the FoodSwitch Data Collector App, which involved scanning barcodes and photographing the front and back of food packaging to capture information such as product names, nutrient declarations, ingredient lists, and manufacturer information. The collected data were stored and categorized using a standardized method. The presence or absence of a nutrient declaration on the packaging was recorded, and information on specific nutrients, such as energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, sugar, sodium, and salt, was extracted. The products were categorized into 16 major food categories using a hierarchical system developed by the Global Food Monitoring Group. Statistical analyses were performed to calculate the number and percentage of products with partial and complete nutrient declarations, as well as the sodium levels per 100 gram 

Data source

Salt levels in common processed foods in Hong Kong 

Citation: Coyle, DH. Salt levels in common processed foods in Hong Kong. The George Institute for Global Health. April 2018.


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University of Hong Kong, The George Institute