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A food purchase audit was carried out in the cities of Bamenda and Yaoundé in the North West and Center Regions to identify the most frequently purchased packaged food products. This was done through questionnaires as part of an audit to identify the most frequently purchased packed foods , which were shared with the managers of 101 randomly selected rural stores and urban supermarkets in Bamenda and Yaoundé, such as Santa Lucia, New Life Supermarket, Carrefour and Faith Shopping. The products were grouped into 13 categories following the Afro Nutrition Profiling Model framework.

Products in each of the categories were purchased and analyzed to determine the sodium content using the LAQUA Twin Sodium meter. The labelled sodium density (mg per 100 g of product) of each product was compared to the lab values to assess label accuracy. The results showed a label accuracy of 80%.

The mean, median, minimum, maximum, median, and interquartile range (IQR) of sodium density measured (mg per 100 g of product) are reported for the 13 food categories.

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