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As countries develop and implement policies related to packaged food, such as salt targets and front-of-package labels, understanding the global and regional context of the nutrient content of packaged foods is critical.

The Resolve to Save Lives (RTSL) Global Nutrition Database for Packaged Foods provides centralized access to nutrient data for packaged foods sold around the world. Bringing this information together provides a way to review and compare sodium, sugar and saturated fat levels in packaged foods by food category and by country in which they are sold.

Overall nutrient data is presented by food category, rather than by individual products. Where possible, these category nutrient values are then compared to nutrient thresholds recommended by national, regional and global authorities.

This database can be used to understand the current nutrient level of packaged foods; monitor country level progress toward national targets and regional and global benchmarks; and understand the impact of other interventions related to sodium, sugar, and saturated fat.

By sharing this information publicly, in an easily accessible format, RTSL aims to create more transparency around the levels of sodium, sugar, and saturated fat in packaged foods.

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Criteria for data inclusion

To be included in the database, packaged food data should:

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For questions, comments, suggestions, or to share country level data on sodium, sugar, saturated fat, or trans fat, contact Nora Abdel-Gawad.

Adding nutrient data from more countries and time points, will increase the opportunity for users to compare data across countries and assess changes over time.

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