Save 100 million lives from cardiovascular disease

Everyone knows someone who has died from cardiovascular disease. Heart attacks and strokes are so common that they seem like just a regular part of modern life. But it doesn't have to be that way. Proven, affordable, scalable solutions exist that would save 100 million lives in the next 30 years.

Download the Cardiovascular Health overview (June 2021)

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Each tombstone = 100,000 deaths per year   Each row = 1 million deaths

How to save 100 million lives

The majority of deaths from cardiovascular disease are in low- and middle-income countries, so that's where we focus our attention.

Hypertension control

Objective 1

Improve global control of blood pressure from 14% to 50%. Only about 1 in 7 people (14%) in the world has their blood pressure under control. There are simple, proven solutions to improve that ratio for as little as $1 per person each year. More...

Sodium reduction

Objective 2

Reduce global dietary sodium intake by 30%. Reducing salt is proven to significantly reduce deaths from cardiovascular disease. Eating too much salt causes more than 2 million deaths each year from high blood pressure. More...

Eliminate trans fat

Objective 3

Eliminate artificial trans fats from the global food supply. 14 years ago, just 1 country took action to cut trans fat from their food supply. Today it’s more than 25. Eliminating trans fat will save 17 million lives over the next three decades. More...

How we work

We work closely with partners, governments and civil society to help countries improve the heart health of their citizens. We work directly with countries, or through our partners, to fund and develop customized cardiovascular disease prevention programs based on the most recent evidence-based practices.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we could work together to improve cardiovascular health in low- and middle-income countries.

Read about our work on each of the three goals: hypertension control, sodium reduction, and elimination of artificial trans fat.

The Lancet

In September 2017, Dr Tom Frieden and Michael Bloomberg authored Saving an additional 100 million lives in The Lancet, which outlined the broad goals that laid the foundation for our work.


In June of 2019, Circulation published “Three Public Health Interventions Could Save 94 Million Lives in 25 Years Global Impact Assessment Analysis”, demonstrating the life-saving potential of cardiovascular disease prevention on a global scale.


Video still of Dr Marc Jaffe introducing Hypertension Protocols Simple, Practical Treatment Protocols Lancet: Saving an additional 100 million lives Circulation: Three Public Health Interventions Could Save 94 Million Lives in 25 Years Global Impact Assessment Analysis Scaling up effective treatment of hypertension: A pathfinder for universal health coverage