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Resolve to Save Lives

Five billion people unprotected from trans fat leading to heart disease

Release | Jan 23, 2023

Resolve to Save Lives

Thousands of lives could be saved each year by eliminating trans fat and controlling high blood pressure in Indonesia

| Nov 21, 2022

Government, partners and NGOs have high-level discussion on reducing preventable deaths in Indonesia

Resolve to Save Lives

Interactive Report Shows How Countries Prevent Global Epidemics by Stopping Infectious Diseases at the Start

Release | Oct 11, 2022

Second Edition of ‘Epidemics That Didn’t Happen’ from Resolve to Save Lives Highlights Need for Continued Investment in Health Security

Resolve to Save Lives

Resolve to Save Lives Receives New Funding from #StartSmall Initiative

| Aug 11, 2022

Resolve to Save Lives

New Study Finds High Blood Pressure in Bangladesh Can Be Better Controlled for Less than US$10 per Hypertensive Patient per Year

| Jul 27, 2022

Life-Saving Hypertension Control Pilot Program from Directorate General of Health Services, National Heart Foundation of Bangladesh Could Be Expanded Nationally

Resolve to Save Lives

​Bloomberg Philanthropies Invests Additional $115 Million in Resolve to Save Lives To Continue Preventing Deaths from Heart Disease

| Jul 14, 2022

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