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United States of America

United States of America

Resolve to Save Lives supports COVID-19 response through risk communication, technical assistance for vaccination, contact tracing and community engagement, embedded support in health departments and guidance on public health and social measures.
Resolve to Save Lives partners with the Pan American Health Organization to support the continued scale up of HEARTS, the World Health Organization technical package for improving cardiovascular health.

Op-Ed: The Next Covid Wave Is Probably Already on Its Way

The most important lesson of the Covid pandemic is that the only constant is change. Variants spread, cases surge and abate, treatments change and knowledge expands. This means that we — the public, elected officials and public health leaders — need to learn constantly and adapt quickly, acting on the insight that no one policy response is likely to stay effective for long.

Former CDC directors: Coordinating our nation’s health data will save lives

As the SARS-CoV-2 surge recedes, we need to apply the lessons we’ve learned during this pandemic to improve our response to the next health emergency. One major obstacle has been the lack of health data needed to track the pandemic and assess its impact across the complex U.S. healthcare and public health ecosystem. This lack of timely, standardized data hampered our ability to respond rapidly and effectively to the pandemic.

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