U.S. COVID-19 Response

Our U.S. COVID-19 Response team works with public health departments across the country to respond to the challenges of COVID-19

Our Approach

Public health departments around the United States are working tirelessly to meet the threat of COVID-19. As they balance dual priorities of protecting public health while safely reopening communities and economies, our U.S. COVID-19 Response Program works to support them.

Together, we identify pragmatic, straightforward solutions that can be implemented quickly and at scale—and adapted based on changing data.

We endeavor to demonstrate, document and disseminate the core strategies and practical approaches needed to control COVID-19 in the United States and reopen communities and economies safely and efficiently.

We apply an equity lens to all our work, prioritizing epidemiology, technology, communication and community engagement strategies that improve and equalize outcomes for groups that experience health disparities.

Read more about our work (PDF).

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Current positions with the U.S. COVID-19 Response Team: