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Solome Okware

Photo of Solome Okware

Solome Okware is the the Senior Technical Advisor, Policy, at the Infectious Diseases Institute at Makerere University in Uganda.

She has over 6 years of experience contributing to provision of health care through patient care, capacity building and research. She has led a capacity building project on dangerous pathogens and supported national Ebola preparedness efforts through provision of technical support.

In her current role, she provides technical guidance on implementation of the National Action Plan for Health Security and supports the National Task Force. Solome is a medical doctor and holds a Master's in Public Health.

Twitter: @solchka


The principles of systems thinking we are learning will better help the team not simply think of the disease, but the person, the environment and all that comes with these. This way of thinking will help broaden the scope of surveillance, response and recovery in order to detect early and plan better for the next disease outbreak. ”

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