PMEP management training

Faraja Lutula Msemwa

Photo of Faraja Lutula Msemwa

Dr. Faraja L. Msemwa is an Emergency Preparedness and Response Officer for the Tanzania Ministry Of Health.

Dr. Msemwa has worked in public health and emergency management for over 8 years. She supported the Joint External Evaluation and development of the National Action Plan for Health Security for both Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.

In her current role she coordinates preparedness and response activities including training of rapid response teams and other emergency response teams, simulation exercises, and development of emergency preparedness plans. She is a member of the National International Health Regulations Technical Working Group and Ministry of Health Focal Point for One Health. She holds a Medical Degree, Masters of Public health and Masters of Disaster Management.


Preparedness for public health emergencies—including epidemic outbreaks—is my great passion and area of interest. When I work in preparedness it always brings positive results coming from the impact of the particular strengthened capacity. ”

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