PMEP management training

Jacob Lusekelo

Photo of Jacob Lusekelo

Jacob Lusekelo is the Tanzania National Health Laboratory Quality Manager and the International Health Regulations National Focal Point (Laboratory).

Jacob has worked on several programs in Tanzania such as the Africa Cholera Surveillance Project, he coordinated trainings and meetings on Biosafety and Biosecurity, and supports laboratory networking and accreditation.

Jacob is a member of the Global Health Security Agenda Action Package 3 (Biosafety and Biosecurity) and supports laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity legislation, practices and biosurveillance.


During a cholera outbreak in 2012, while I was coordinating cholera response activities, I was so moved by seeing so many small children suffering from diarrhoea. I wanted to reach every suffering child during that period. If we can have a strong epidemic preparedness system, we can save lives. ”

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