PMEP management training

Danso Edward Fenteng

Photo of Danso Edward Fenteng

Danso Edward Fenteng is the Head of Epidemiology, Veterinary Service Directorate at the Ghana Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

In his role he acts as the liaison between Veterinary Services and Ghana Health Services and has coordinated activities on avian influenza, anthrax, rabies and tuberculosis control programs. Danso is a supervisor and mentor on applied epidemiology and disease control for the Ghana Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program and the FAO In-Service Applied Veterinary Epidemiology Training Program.

He has been published several times on topics relating to influenza control and surveillance, is a doctor and the OIE Focal Point for the Ghana Veterinary Service on Disease Notification and Reporting.


This training will enhance my skills to implement multi-sectoral programs for public health events. It will help country teams to coordinate, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate gaps identified in the Joint External Evaluation. Using the One Health approach it will help in disease outbreak prevention. ”

What is the PMEP course?

Program Management for Epidemic Preparedness course graduates are the epidemic preparedness leaders of tomorrow. Competitively selected, they represent their countries’ strongest front against disease outbreaks. Together, they will form a global network of experts effectively managing their countries’ ability to find, stop and prevent epidemic threats. Learn more...