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Patrick Atimnedi

Photo of Patrick Atimnedi

Patrick Atimnedi is the Senior Manager, Veterinary Services, Uganda Wildlife Authority at the Uganda Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities. Patrick is a wildlife veterinarian with over 18 years of experience. He has worked on transboundary animal diseases, zoonoses, outbreak response and risk analysis as well as wildlife capture and translocation.

In his current role he collaborates with other ministries on several projects including the Integrated National Plan for Aviation Influenza and the Pan African Program for the Control of Epizootics. He contributes to the National One Health Framework and is the One Health Focal Point for the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Patrick holds a Masters degree in Wildlife Health Management and is a member of the Wildlife Diseases Association (Africa and Middle East) and the Biosafety and Biosecurity Association of Uganda.


The anthrax outbreak in wildlife with spill-over to livestock and humans in Uganda in 2004-2005 was both an eye opener and a motivator for me. At a personal, institutional and national level we learned the need to better prepare for epidemics before hand and the multi-stakeholder/multi-agency engagement needed in epidemic preparednes and response ”

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