Searchable database of implemented policies to promote healthy diets and reduce obesity. Use Section O (Offer healthy food and set standards in public institutions and other specific settings) to search for public food procurement examples.

NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy

This website contains a variety of resources for schools implementing the strategy, including webinars, guidance on how to develop menus, sample recipes, portion size guides, etc., as well as a link to the Food and Drink Criteria booklet summarizing the criteria and providing implementation guidance.

New York City Food Standards website

Describes comprehensive standards that apply to all food purchased and served by city agencies, including specific standards and implementation guides, along with communications materials.

Eating Well in Government Venues website

Model policies for policymakers. Website links to resources on creating healthy food service on government property and an infographic on buying food for health and equity.

Healthier Food Choices for Public Places website

Resources for improving food and beverage options for vending machines, cafeterias, concession stands, meetings, and events; includes messaging tips, model policies, and implementation resources.