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Describes recommendations for marketing food to children, a complementary action to include in food procurement standards.

School food standards, with guidance for administrators, a poster example, and a healthy eating checklist.

Guide for policy makers at national and sub-national level to promote healthy eating and physical activity in schools settings.

Multi-stakeholder initiative by the FAO, World Food Programme, Brazil and the UK, and the governments of each pilot country: Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Niger and Senegal, to procure food from small farms for schools.

Description of challenges/barriers to consider when implementing procurement policies, particularly within a school setting.

Includes standards (page 18) for food standards for healthy school environments for children and adolescents.

Support for translating national school food standards into food procurement specifications. Includes contract evaluation guidance, scoring grid, and logic model.

Describes the policy and guidelines on healthy food and beverage choices in schools and in Department of Education offices.

Initiative to improve the healthfulness of food sold at school canteens, consistent with national policy; includes marketing and branding materials; website in Spanish.

Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations

Results of global survey on school meals; report identifies key aspects to consider when developing or updating school meal program standards.