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Posted: November 5, 2020

Resolve to Save Lives

Resolve to Save Lives is a global health initiative of Vital Strategies that aims to save millions of lives by reducing preventable deaths from cardiovascular disease and to prevent infectious disease epidemics. Since September 2017, Resolve to Save Lives has worked closely with low- and middle-income country governments, the World Health Organization, academic and other civil society partners to build capacity for and implement a core package of interventions to reduce cardiovascular disease, the world’s leading cause of death.

Simple is a free, open source app developed by Resolve to Save Lives, and is used by nurses, doctors and population health experts to improve treatment for patients with high blood pressure. Simple is currently operational in multiple states of India as well as in Bangladesh, and is being used to manage more than 200,000 patients across more than 400 clinics, with plans for its deployment in additional program focus countries in 2020. Our goal is to save 100 million lives (The Lancet).

Learn more about the Simple project at and in this article on Medium.

Job Summary

Simple is software that saves lives. Built using Ruby on Rails, Simple provides a web dashboard to healthcare workers and public health experts, enabling them to see where and how people are getting healthier. This dashboard is critical to helping improve blood pressure control rates across large populations, but also provides detailed information to help improve individual clinics.

Our Rails backend also provides a sync API to Simple’s Android app, allowing our offline-first design to work in clinics with limited network access. While this offers a unique set of challenges, it’s what makes our app fast and reliable for nurses every day.

We’re hiring a full-time Rails developer to help us add features to the Rails application and improve the APIs powering Simple. This includes:

You will help extend our API to allow for new features and apps, secure our application to meet security best practices, and ensure that our Rails app is reliable, scalable, and easy to modify. Our code has grown quickly, and you will help make sure that we keep complexity down, clean up technical debt as needed, and write code that doesn’t require extensive commenting and explanation.

User experience is critical to our success, so you will be working with our design team to make sure that we’re iterating quickly, as getting health data into official hands will help save lives. Our app needs to be easy to understand, for users and developers. Your work will have a real, tangible impact on peoples’ lives.

Key responsibilities
Here are some example projects that give you some idea of what’s in store:

Length of contract
12 months with potential for extension.

About you
We are seeking an experienced candidate who is ready to do work that matters. The ideal candidate embraces learning about our challenges, has solved Rails app-related challenges (especially at scale), and can work effectively with our entirely remote team.

We’re keen to find someone for whom these problems look pretty familiar. We don’t want a specialist, but instead someone who is just as comfortable slinging ERB views as they are digging into writing query classes and debugging Rails routing errors. Critically, we also want someone who is curious, writes and communicates well, anticipates user needs from a human level, and always looks to keep things simple and iterate. We’re looking for someone who can self-manage, plans their time wisely, and delivers straightforward solutions to vague problems.

We try hard to be a team full of empathy, inclusion, and respect. We trust each other, have hard conversations with open mindedness, and assume positive intent. We document as much as possible, work as asynchronously as possible, and meet via video conference when necessary. Proposing ideas and trying new things are paramount; always being right is not. We are frequently wrong and try to write code that we don’t mind deleting when we learn new things. We’re excited for you to participate and look forward to helping you grow your own skills as well.

Given that we’re writing software for the globe, it’s critical that our team represent the diverse environments in which we operate. We strive for an inclusive, diverse team with different perspectives, ideas, and identities.

Required qualifications


This is a remote position. Our team spans the US east coast (EST) and India (IST) time zones, and overlapping with our teams makes things much easier. To expand our team’s time coverage, we’re looking for someone between EST and UTC+1 time zones (US East Coast, Europe, West Africa, etc). You also must have reliable, consistent access to a network for frequent online collaboration.

To Apply: Please submit a resume and a cover letter telling us about yourself and why you’d be a great fit for this project: Rails Developer. We encourage people from all backgrounds to apply and applications will be received until the position is filled.